Channel Cat Challange 

November 10th- November 12th 

This Online Tournament Has Ended.

Glenn Flowers & David Reaves took first place with 121 inches, with a big fish of 25 inches.
Thanks to everyone who participated in this experimental online-tournament. We have refunded all entries for this event.  It's our way of saying thanks.

We hope you will join our next online event come this spring. 

Comment below "I'm In! If you"re in for the next one.

1st Online Catfish Tournament 

$20 Entry

$10 Big Fish Pot

Tournament Starts @ 5 pm Friday November 10th

There will be an addition $10 big fish pot for the largest fish landed
At 5 pm Friday 24th you may begin fishing after your entry and registration has been taken care of. 
Each Team or angler will have a $20 entry fee that must be paid before fishing. Scroll down, in the registration section you will find a spot to pay your entry fee. 

Channel Cat eligable only

Tournament Ends @ 5 pm Sunday 12th November

Al fish must be weighed and released alive, live on Facebook

This is an all Channel Catfish Tournament 
No more fish will be added to the leader board after 5 pm Sunday 12th. All fish must be weighed before 5 pm. 
All fish must be measured and released alive while live on facebook. It's up to you and your partner to find a location where your signal is good enough to go live to verify your catch and release the fish.
Must go live from Flathead Catfish Hunters Group to qualify.  

How The Scoring will work

  • Each Team will be allowed 5 elligable channel catfish
  • Score will be based on combined inches of each teams top Channel Cats.
  • Every fish will be rounded up or down based on .5 under or .5 over the final inch. Using the photo if the catfish is 24.5 inches he would be rounded up to 25 inches, if the fish was 24.4 he would be rounded down to 24 inches. 
  • If a team had a 24,29,32,26 and a 21 in channel catfish their combined score would be 132
  • We prefer you use some sort of bump stick as seen on the left for accurate readings.
  • Take a photo holding your elible fish then another on the meassureing stick. We will post a weigh in secton in the group for these photos.

Tournament Rules 
  1. Join Flathead Catfish Hunters Group
    • Must be a member of Flathead Catfish Hunters Facebook Group
  2. Most have a good measuring stick or tape
    • You must have a legible and readable measuring stick or tape.
  3. Be able to find good internet signal for live video
    • Must have the ability to go live on Facebook in Flathead Catfish Hunters Group. It does not have to be in the exact location you caught the fish, just in a location where your signal is good enough to go live for verification and releasing of the fish.
  4. Have a tape measure long enough to mesure your entire fish
    • Must have something to measure your fish with that will stretch from head to tail.
  5. • Use Pay Pal to pay registration
    • You don't need a pay pal account to register but must use pay pal to pay.
  6. All fish released live on video while live on Facebook
    • Fish must be released alive while live on Facebook for all the eyewitnesses to verify. Must be live on Flathead Catfish Hunters Group
  7. Must have a smart phone
    • Must have a good working smartphone to go live with and for photos
  8. Rod & Reel only
    • All fish must be caught on rod n reel, no set lines, or shocking permitted.
  9. Fish must be weighed and measured while live
    • All fish must be weighed and measured while live on Facebook.
  10. 2 man team or single angler
    • Only 2 angler for each team
  11. Fish allowed only during tournament hours
    • Fish must be caught during tournament hours
  12. Pay & Register before fishing
    • Entry fee and registration must be done before fishing
  13. Take 2 photos before releasing
    • 2 photos must be taken before releasing a qualifying fish. 1 photo while holding the fish, and the other with the fish on the measuring tape. Failure to produce these photos will lead to disqualification of that fish’s weight.
  14. Admins have final say so
    • FCH admins has final say so in all contestants’ fish’s eligibility.
  15. No more fish allowed after 5 pm Sunday
    Fishing ends at 5 pm Sunday. No more fish will be added to the leaderboard after.
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Leader Board

  1. Team Name
    Big Fish
    Total Inches
  2. 2nd
    Gary Don Gray & Wesley Gray
    21 inches
    21 inches
  3. 1st
    Glenn Flowers & David Reaves
    25 inches
    121 inches
  4. 3rd
    Kevin Stewart
    13 inches
    13 inches
  5. 4th
  6. 5th
  7. 6th
  8. 7th
  9. 8th
  10. 10th
  11. 11th
  12. 12th
  13. 13th
  14. 14th
  15. 15th
  16. 16th
  17. 17th
  18. 18th
  19. 19th
  20. 20th